Manufacturing of tricolour

This republic day, you will definitely be witnessing a flag hoisting ceremony whether in person or on television. However, have you ever wondered how these masterpieces are manufactured and who manufacturers them?

Interestingly, there is only one organisation in our country who has the license to manufacture the authentic cloth tricolour. Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha (KKGSS) situated in the small city of Hubbali in Karnataka makes flag for the entire nation.

KKGSS is not a government organisation, but their superior quality Khadi clothes compelled the government to provide them with the license and BIS hallmark for manufacturing of flags.

Flag manufacturing is a critical task and every flag must strictly adhere to the rules laid down by the constitution. Any defects may land the manufacturer in jail according to the provisions of Flag Act, 2002.


KKGSS makes an annual turnover of nearly INR 12 crores and employs 1000s of artisans in their 17-acre production unit. Nearly 10 million units of the national flag are sold by the organisation each year, government agencies being the largest buyer.

Flag production is very meticulous and is done in six stages namely, hand spinning, hand weaving, bleaching and dyeing, chakra printing, stitching and toggling. The size of the flag must be in the proportion of 3:2. From the thickness of the cloth to the shade of dye, everything is pre-defined.

So, next time when you buy the flag, only buy the authentic cloth ones. With this, we wish you a very Happy Republic Day!!!



You can visit the website to see the entire manufacturing process of the national flag.

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