Why YES was a NO?

The Bank which said YES to all the borrowers was finally compelled to say NO to all the depositors. The RBI on 5th March 2020, imposed a moratorium on YES Bank and restricted withdrawals up to ₹50,000 for all its customers. Next day, shares of so-called India's 4th largest private bank hit an all-time low [...]

RBI: (Un)Puzzled

We all have solved some kind of puzzle in our school/college days or even during our working careers. If it’s an easy puzzle to crack we would very well do it in a handful of minutes. But, if you come across a tricky one you can’t have the same approach as the former. It will [...]

Manufacturing of tricolour

This republic day, you will definitely be witnessing a flag hoisting ceremony whether in person or on television. However, have you ever wondered how these masterpieces are manufactured and who manufacturers them? Interestingly, there is only one organisation in our country who has the license to manufacture the authentic cloth tricolour. Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta [...]

Infrastructure v/s Index

Almost a week ago, the Modi Government announced a mega infra push of INR 102 trillion to reinvigorate growth in the so called “world’s fastest growing economy”, which apparently is reeling under a severe slowdown. We all will agree that the quantum of money is humongous. If implemented smoothly it will have a positive impact [...]

2020 Expectations!!!

In this blog, we bring you a comprehensive overview of what to expect in the much awaited leap year of Georgian calendar. We will first cover our very own Indian economy and then the world at large. The Union budget for the past few years have been on a conservative side, but this year it [...]

Market Euphoria

The Indian Stock Market has been inching toward record highs and defying any kind of macro-economic data coming its way, off late. In fact, the saying that stock market indices are a reflective of the economy has been proven wrong. Many high frequency indicators like bank credit growth, investment demand, government expenditure among others are [...]